Would you like to experience different colours of World Percussion and Dance?
Would you like to enjoy a global tour from Japan to Middle East, from Africa to Brazil, from Turkey to Latin America?
We will take you for a mesmerising journey through music and dance, which you never experienced before!
The Pulse is a multicultural percussion project, which blends all world percussion under one umbrella. We are going to celebrate the graduation of our second year students with beats, dance and music from different parts of the world including Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin, Japanese and African.
Since we initiated The Pulse Project early 2022, we have aimed to create a grandiose world music and percussion for the audience on the Gold Coast. We prepared our first year students to perform on the stage with our music team. On 17th December 2022, we had a colourful night at HOTA, which started with acknowledgment of country with a duo performance on didgeridoo followed by an Indian masterpiece. Then the Pulse Project team; Pulse Project students and Pulse Collective performed Middle Eastern, Turkish and Balkan pieces together. We had an amazing dance show during the performance.
We kicked the second half with a fabulous performance on Japanese Taiko Drums, which followed by a Flamenco duo and Latin section performed by Pulse Project students and Pulse Collective. At the end, we had a great finale with our African Music Team and Pulse Project students.
We sincerely thank HOTA for supporting our project in 2022. We thank our dedicated students and performance team.
Now we are even more excited to announce our World Music Celebration with even more colourful acts! We are going to have a World Music Festival for 4 hours! It is going to be a fabulous night with Flamenco, Gypsy Folk, Middle Eastern Music, African Music and Bellydancing!