The Pulse Performance – A Night of World Music

Since we initiated The Pulse Project early 2022, we have aimed to create a grandiose world music and percussion for the audience on the Gold Coast. We prepared our first year students to perform on the stage with our music team. We had a colourful night, which started with acknowledgment of country with a duo performance on didgeridoo followed by an Indian masterpiece. Then the Pulse Project team; Pulse Project students and Pulse Collective performed Middle Eastern, Turkish and Balkan pieces together. We had an amazing dance show during the performance.
We kicked the second half with a fabulous performance on Japanese Taiko Drums, which followed by a Flamenco duo and Latin section performed by Pulse Project students and Pulse Collective. At the end, we had a great finale with our African Music Team and Pulse Project students.
We sincerely thank HOTA for supporting our project in 2022. We thank our dedicated students and performance team.
Location: Home of the Arts (HOTA), Gold Coast
Date: 17th December 2022