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Everyone wants to play an instrument but only a few focuses on how to listen to it. Do you wonder how to make Rhythm Your Second Nature while learning how to listen to Rhythm and developing skills to play music?
Atman has developed Curriculum for Rhythm after years’ experience in music industry. He has traveled different countries across various continents, where he met percussion masters and worldwide known musicians. After he met Master Misirli Ahmet and some of his highly regarded students, he started to contemplate upon creating a system for rhythm, which any beginner would understand easily. Engaging with Indian Music gave him a profound insight upon how rhythm works. The engagement he had with Indian Music and Master Misirli Ahmet fundamentally helped him to come up with Curriculum For Rhythm.
Curriculum For Rhythm has two parts. On first part we are going to learn how to listen to Rhythm, which we call Rhythmic System. It will help you to understand how Rhythm works and how you can embody the foundations of Rhythm before you learn the technique for drumming. On second part, we are going to learn how to play drums, solely focused on percussion. We will learn Split Finger Technique which was invented by Master Misirli Ahmet. This technique was inspired by various Indian Percussion Techniques that you may apply on diverse percussion instruments such as Cajon, Bongo, Congo, Frame Drums.
It is never too late to learn Rhythm and play drums. In Turkey we say, it isn’t a shame not to know but it is a shame not to learn. This is why I am revealing secrets of Rhythm and Percussion with you.



On this video series we are going to learn Rhythmic System which contains 5 elements: Catching Pulse, Catching First Beat, Counting Cycle, Syncopations, Verbalisation. We will have practice sessions to make sure you understand the entire topic.

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On this video series we are going to learn Split Finger Technique and all its components including Basic Strokes, Accents, Ornaments, Various Sounds and Rolls. We are going to have exercises after each lesson to consolidate what we learned. At the end, Atman is going to share a master exercises he developed at the end of 12 years which contains the entire technique in a single exercise. There is also a bonus lesson for those who are interested to learn how to play Frame Drum.

Course Fee: AUD $49.95

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