Atman’s approach to music is heavily influenced by spirituality. He sees music as a tool to connect with the heart and unveil mysteries of life. More than a hobby, a profession, and even a passion, music is a lifestyle and a prayer for him.
His intention is bringing awareness and contentment to people’s lives with his music. He doesn’t see music as an entertainment but rather as a spiritual tool to connect with the heart. He wants to raise awareness regarding profound value of music in our lives and plant appreciation in people’s hearts towards music as music is overly underrated. He wants music to get the real value it deserves.
His vision is connecting people with each other by music in the heart where we all abide spiritually. He envisions a society where people honour their creativity rather than productivity. On this purpose, he wants to plant seeds for creativity by sharing secrets of rhythm. He wants to inspire people to break free from social conditioning, obligations and collective illusion by his music.

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