Heal Yourself with Magic of Sound

Sound is the source of our vibrational universe. Modern science discovers significant impacts of vibrations on our physical and mental well-being. Day by day more people become interested in healing properties of music. However, only some types of music are for healing. Some types of music may be even toxic for our system. It depends on frequency and energy of music. 432 Hz and 528 Hz are the natural frequencies which have healing properties. Every music has an intrinsic energy depending on the intention created by the composer and the way it is being played by the musician. This is the reason why many good musicians are not sound healers.
Sound healing is not only a therapeutical tool for body, mind and spirit, but also a great tool to explore divinity of music. Most of the sound healers use vibrational faculties of music such drums, drones and chanting, but only a few can highlight musical aspects at the same time. Not all great healers are good musicians, whereas not all great musicians are good healers. To find both in one person is like encountering a gem. Only then you can experience music and healing to their full potential.
Atman offers intensive Sound Journeys in group setting and private Sound Healing Sessions. All sessions and events are conducted with Didgeridoo, Handpan and Drums. We may have some guest sound healers/musicians for group events. All private sessions are accompanied with Reiki applied by Atman.
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