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When Music Meets Heart, it becomes a channel for connection. Pulse Collective aims to connect West to East through their multicultural music. The band is influenced by Turkish, Middle Eastern and Balkan Music. The band hosts diverse instruments from woodwind to brass, from violin to guitar, and Turkish instruments such as Baglama and Kaval, and of course Turkish Percussion instruments such as Darbuka and Bendir. The band owes its dynamism to its wide range of members, which are ever-changing. Dynamism is the character of Pulse Collective, which was the initial intention set by founder Atman. This is why you will never experience the same music ever again as you can never swim in the same river twice!
The collective was formed at the invitation of Percussionist Atman Okyay to be the featured ensemble at the Pulse Project performance event at HOTA (House of the Arts, Gold Coast) in December 2022. At the very first rehearsal early in 2022, these musicians formed a strong bond that has seen them accept performances throughout the year (ahead of the Pulse Project Performance) including at the Friday Nights on the Lawn event at HOTA, at It’s Still a Secret (Brisbane) and Atman’s Community Music Events at Fradgley Hall (Burleigh Heads). The collective has performed at highly regarded venues such as HOTA and BEMAC, and looking forward to spread their passion for World Music to Australia!
If you want to make a world travel through music, you can book us for your event/function.
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