How To Promote Your Music

How To Promote Your Music

The Most Cost-Effective Music Release Plan For Indie Artists.

How To Promote Your Music: Today, I’ll show you how to release music on any budget to get more exposure and streams. Last week, I talked with an artist who has some new music that he wants to release. He asked me how he should go about creating a release strategy for it. I’ll also give you some pointers on how to organize a release if you have a bigger budget. Fact: Each artist and their circumstances are unique. This is not going to be a one-size-fits-all strategy for publishing music. If you already have a fan following that is eager to spend money with you, you may earn a lot of money from an album release if you promote it before its release.

If you don’t have that fan base yet, you won’t be able to enjoy a successful album release. Why? the answer is a no-brainer; no one is searching for your music at that time. The more people you meet, the more probable it is that some of them will become fans. Some of those fans will progress to super fans if you put in more work. You’ve published ten singles, each of which will be out 68 weeks apart. The goal is to advertise your forthcoming single, three weeks before its release date. Also, advertise again for three weeks after the single is out. This keeps you in a constant state of promoting new music. It also allows you to get more exposure, more people to know who you are, more fans and superfans.

Submit your music to Spotify’s editorial team. Go ahead and make sure it’s included in popular Spotify playlists if you have a distributor. You may also arrange an interview on podcasts or local college radio stations, to advertise your forthcoming release. Although there are no assurances that your music will be on any playlist. It is a recommended best practice to have all your releases submitted well ahead of time. If you have a $200 monthly budget, I recommend spreading it out over many different channels. If you don’t want to use, you may use a preset landing page and distribute it with your current fans using a site like

You may also promote yourself for free. You may use submit hub to send your job to Spotify’s editorial team. Or, you might get some publicity by doing interviews on Campus radio stations or podcasts. Because a $200 monthly budget isn’t a lot of money, you’ll need to decide what your main priority is. You may concentrate on growing your social media following. You might either concentrate on growing your email list or on getting people to follow you on Spotify, where you can play music. All three of these methods are effective in introducing people to yourself, and some of them will become fans and superfans. Independent artists are unable to grow their following base via social media.

There are certain limits to social media. Publishing something on it doesn’t guarantee all your followers will see it. After they sign up for email, you may connect with them in various ways. You may also send out automatic emails to your followers after they sign up for your email list. Spotify is now one of the most popular streaming services. You can use Facebook advertising to increase the number of people who listen to your music on Spotify.

You can also direct folks to your artist profile through a playlist push. You’ll receive a lot more interaction from the people who will be listening to their music if you do it this way. If you have a little extra cash on hand, you may use it to expand your audience. If you already have a sizable audience anticipating your next release, an album release may make sense if done the right way. But, if you don’t already have a following, no one is looking forward to it. If you can afford it, a playlist push campaign may help you augment your existing streams and attract new listeners.

The least budget is 3 to $400 depending on the place that you want to get added to and then the sky’s the limit. Spotify’s editorial staff will help you promote your upcoming releases smitten to Spotify.

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