The Pulse Curriculum


On Pulse Project we are dedicated to deliver a world class rhythm education. Atman has gathered years’ experience in rhythm and drumming while traveling in various countries including Turkey, Spain, Egypt and Australia. He is going to share the secrets of rhythm he explored after 13 years of drumming. Here is our curriculum for the project.
  • 1st Session: Foundation of Rhythm, The Rhythmic System (How Rhythm Works), Basic Drumming Techniques
  • 2nd Session: Syncopations, Verbalisation Techniques, Basic Drumming Techniques, Dynamics of Playing in an Ensemble
  • 3rd Session: Overview of First Two Weeks and Going Deeper Into Rhythmic System and Rhythm Theory, Exploring Different Drums and Techniques
  • 4th Session: Middle Eastern Rhythms
  • 5th Session: Turkish Rhythms
  • 6th Session: Middle Eastern & Turkish Rhythms
  • 7th Session: Indian Rhythms
  • 8th Session: Latin Rhythms
  • 9th Session: African Rhythms
  • 10th Session: Rehearsal with the Ensemble (Open to the Members Only)
  • 11th Session: Rehearsal with the Ensemble (Open to the Members Only)
At the end of the project we are going to have a public performance with the members of the project at HOTA in collaboration with guests musicians.
Dates: Every first Wednesday of the month is Pulse Day! (6th April, 4th May, 1st June, 6th July, 3rd August, 7th Sep, 5th Oct, 2nd Nov) + 7th Dec & 30th November (only for the members).
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