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Are you looking for a live acoustic music heavily influenced by world music that has a fine mixture of musical craft and sound healing? Either you want to throw a birthday party or a full moon ceremony, Atman’s Music can be the right choice for you.
If you are looking for a relaxing, soothing, instrumental music played by the heart, I am here to help you with. My music is an invitation to connect to the heart and yet to relax completely. My abilities are not limited to single instruments I play such as percussion, didgeridoo and bass guitar, but also I can play as a one man band by looping various instruments I play. As I work with different musicians and dancers, I can bring some friends with me depending on you enquiry as well. Based on your needs, I can create a performance accordingly.
I am also available to the venues, events, festivals, weddings on top of private and company functions. Please enquire regarding your needs with as much as information as possible and I get back to you. My quote depends on the type of performance, the duration of the performance, and any additional requests.
Before you book me, I highly encourage you to listen to my album and see if my music appeals to you. Alignment between the musician and the crowd is always the key for a great performance.