Transcendental Sound Journey (Fundraising for Earthquakes)
March 11, 2023
6:30 pm
Tugun Village Community Centre

Location: Tugun Village Community Centre, Australia

Fee: AUD $70.00

Date: 11th March 2023

Transcendental Sound Journey

“When Music Meets Heart, it becomes a channel for healing….”

Please join us to experience deep healing, relaxation and activation during an unique sound & music journey for 3 hours.

You will be soaked in an unique combination of frequencies by *Crystal Armonica (explanation at the bottom), Erhu (=Chinese violin), Didgeridoo, Handpan and percussions etc.

The most unique and precious instrument Crystal Armonica activates your pineal gland and draws your brain wave into Theta – the deepest meditative state – your autonomic nervous system works to balance your whole system. The frequencies of Armonica will take you to the furthest and deepest journey while receiving powerful healing as inaudible information in your system.


Early Bird : $49 + online ticket fee ( ~ 18 Feb 11:30 pm)
First Release : $59 + online ticket fee (19 Feb ~ 11 Mar)
Door : $70

[About Chiho ]

Chiho is a qualified sound healer and translates the energy of the group into an improvised piece suitable for that very moment on the Crystal Armonica , 432hz crystal bowls and her voice with other instruments. Frequencies of healing that deliver results is the ultimate aim in her sound meditation experience. People have experienced all types of healing by way of chiho’s sound and her transformative voice. Automatic movement resulting in trauma release happens often when people’s pineal gland are stimulated by the Armonica and her voice.

She has been performing and offering sound healing and chanting / kirtan internationally at yoga studios, events, schools and festivals for over two decades.

[About Atman]

Atman is an international musician whose music is an invitation to connect to heart. His music whispers mystical messages as he channels through music. He has been playing Didgeridoo, Handpan and Hand Percussion. He is trained by well-known indigenous and non-indigenous Didgeridoo players and Percussion masters. His music aims to connect people to their being.


[ What is Armonica? ]

The Armonica was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761. It is called “Glass Harmonica” or “Glass Armonica” in classical music. It is made of series of pure quartz crystal bowls combined as one instruments. (Chiho’s Armonica has 30 crystal bowls.) The haunting and heavenly sounds are created when wet fingers were pressed along the rims of the bowls as they rotate, just like playing the wine glasses.

It was extremely popular and in the symphony orchestra in those days. Composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Donizetti had written many music just for the Armonica. Marie Antoinette also played it and a German Physician Dr. Mesmer used it to relax his patients before examining them…the English word ‘mesmerise” came from Dr. Mesmel using the Armonica. He healed many patients with the Armonica and he felt it could promote healing by propagating a mystical fluid that he called animal magnetism through the body. Mesmer, Franklin and Mozart were a group that enthusiastically welcomed the Armonica for the promotion of human ‘harmony’.

The Crystal Armonica is a very rare and powerful instrument, has controversial and extremely interesting history. There were only 80 in the world when Chiho got her Armonica in 2002. In Australia, there is a record that the Armonica was used once in a special event at Sydney Festival in 2010. They advertised as “features one of the only known glass harmonicas in Australia, in accordance with an instrumental and metaphysical theme of glass”.


We decided to share a part of our profit with the Earthquake victims in Turkey. There are millions suffer from the consequences of devastating earthquakes in Turkey. By joining us you will support the cause!