Shamanic Wisdom and Sound Journey
November 19, 2022
6:30 pm
Fradgley Hall
Burleigh Heads

Location: Fradgley Hall, Burleigh Heads

Fee: AUD $30.00

Shamanic Wisdom and Sound Journey

Would you like to raise your vibrations and experience positive states?

Would you like to clear your stuck energies by entering new portals?

Would you like to experience natural healing abilities of 528 Hz?

Would you like to connect to your inner child in a safe environment?

Would you like to go through a profound sound journey and relax completely?

Atman invites a highly professional Shaman with 55+ years experience to collaborate with him at this event. The Shaman is going to demonstrate profound Shamanic work, which is going to raise your vibration & frequency and elevate you to higher dimensions. Atman and the Shaman are going to offer a profound sound journey with Didgeridoo, Native Indian flutes, Medicine Drum, Handpan and other healing instruments. This is an experience you shouldn’t miss out, because you won’t be the same person after the event!

If you are ready for a transformational experience, please reserve your seat as soon as possible. Limited seats only!

Early bird tickets (until 31st October): $20
Final tickets (until sold out): $30

Limited to 50 people