Equinox Sound Immersion Gold Coast
September 23, 2022
6:30 pm
Burleigh Waters
Gold Coast

Location: Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast

Equinox Sound Immersion Gold Coast

Lie back and relax, allow yourself to be taken to other states of consciousness.

A place where healings can begin, a place from where you can manifest your dreams.

Join us for a very special evening of collaboration between 2 accomplished musicians who are dedicated to giving you the most profound sound healing experience.

Vibrational Wizard Robbie Thompson is a fingerstyle guitarist, vocalist, composer, music producer, sound healer and sound healing practitioner trainer.

He utilises ancient magical tunings that are in harmony with our bodies, chakras and nature.

Sound Magician Atman is a talented world musician who blends world music with sound healing. He takes you for a vibrational healing through Didgeridoo, Hand Drums and Handpan. He becomes a channel through music and delivers unspeakable. On this Equinox special event, he will play his Spacedrum Equinox alongside Hemp Didgeridoo and various hand drums.

Out of generosity and to spread the healing through music, we keep this Equinox special event donation based. We suggest $20 donation but feel free to donate whatever it resonates with you. The tickets are limited and registration is required. The exact location will be shared after you book the event.