The Pulse Project was initiated by Atman in collaboration with HOTA (Home of the Arts) on the Gold Coast early 2022. The project received a tremendous interest, which was beyond our expectations. After having a very successful year with nearly 50 students throughout the year, we decided to bring the project to Logan in 2023.

This year we are going to have some different teacher and rhythms to last year as we like being a dynamic project!

On our curriculum we are going to have Foundations of Rhythm, Middle Eastern Rhythms, Indian Rhythms, African Rhythms, Latin Rhythms, Turkish and Balkan Rhythms this year.

Our founder Atman is a professional percussionist from Turkey, who has learned Middle Eastern and Turkish drums with the great masters of Darbuka. His search for understanding the Secrets of Rhythm led him to discover the Rhythmic System he shares within the Pulse Project. He is going to teach Foundations of Rhythm, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin and Turkish & Balkan Rhythms.

Gareth Cohen is a highly talented musician from South Africa, who has been trained in West African Percussion for 15+ years. He is very enthusiastic to teach his passion. We had him last year with us and we are honoured to maintain him in our team.


9th and 23rd March : Foundations of Rhythm

6th and 20th April: Middle Eastern Rhythms

4th May: Indian Rhythms

18th May: African Rhythms

1st & 15th June: Turkish Rhythms

29th June & 13th July: Latin Rhythms

In total 10 classes. Each classes are for 2 hours

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Location: Kingston Butter Factory

Fee: $40 per class

BYO Drums. You can hire a drum from us for $10 each.

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